Our Culinary Aids are simple and healthy. With Organic Agar-Agar you can prepare many recipes, salted or sugared.

You can realize exceptional preparation, thanks to Nori Sushi Leafs, and just for dinner time, you will travel to Japan.

Organic Agar-Agar

  • Organic Agar-Agar

Agar-Agar is a gelling agent of origin 100% vegetable from red seaweed.

Organic Agar-Agar has many advantages: it is natural and vegetal, source of proteins and minerals, an express depolluting heavy metal; it is “light” and a perfect appetite suppressant.

This new product “Made in France” responds to the growing demand of consumer for certified organic local products. Colorless and odorless, it can replace gelatin, with the added value of being poor in calories. Agar-Agar can be used to realize sugared recipes (jam, flan, cream, etc.) and salted (terrine, vegetable mousse, pâté, etc.).

Cooking tips :

Use organic Agar-Agar in variable proportions according to the desired consistency.
Instruction for use: approximately 4 g for 1 liter of preparation.
Dilute Agar-Agar Bio with a liquid and bring the preparation to a boil. Pour it then into your bowl and let cool.

Organic Agar-Agar 5x4 g

Packaging: Flowpack with 5 sachets of 4 g

Net weight: 20 g

Organic Agar-Agar 50 g

Packaging : Flowpack of 50 g

Net weight: 50 g

Organic Agar-Agar 200 g

Packaging : sachet

Net weight: 200 g

Organic Agar-Agar 1 kg

Packaging: Sachet

Net weight: 1 kg

Nori Sushi

  • Nori Sushi leaves

Nori, 100% natural product, is the food seaweed the most consumed by human in the world. The best known form of Nori is grilled Nori Leaves. Purplish originally, Sushi leaves are grilled to obtain drak green colour. Its delicious taste gets married delicately in the other flavors.

Nori leaves are made by crushing fresh seaweeds like prophyria in water, then by drying the suspension obtained in molds. Nori leaves are very used in the Japanese traditional cooking, in particular to make sushis and makis.

Cooking tips :

Fill Nori Sushi Leaves with a mixture of rice and diverse ingredients (fish, salmon eggs, shrimp, etc.) then roll up and cut into pieces.

Nori Sushi, 10 leaves

Packaging : Sachet

Net weight: 30 g

Nori Sushi, 50 leaves

Packaging : Sachet

Net weight: 140 g