Flakes are ideal to bring originality to your recipes. This product is a mineral and organic cocktail which contains all the sea benefits.
It is perfect with your cold and hot dishes.

Powderers are easy to use. You will find in this product the soft flavors of ocean. Conceived to compliment your dishes, our flakes are a perfect agreement between seaweed originality and seasoning you need.

Sea Lettuce, Flakes

Our « Sea Lettuce, Flakes » has a light sorrel flavor which will be appreciate by the finest palates.

Cooking Tips :

Powdered like Fine Herbs, these Sea Lettuce Flakes add flavor to your dishes or can be used to seasoning your salads and soups.

Vary the proportions according to your desires.

Packaging: Bag

Net Weight: 80 g

Wakame, Flakes

Our « Wakamé, Flakes » enhances your dishes with soft and iodine flavor. Be sure to bring originality to your recipes!

Cooking tips:

Used like Fine Herbs, these Wakamé flakes can be used in your salads and soups.

You can add it more or less according to your envies.


Packaging: Sachet

Net Weight: 100g<xml> </xml>


Dulse, Flakes

Dulse in flakes is appreciated for it color and it oyster taste. It brings an iodine touch to your recipes.

Cooking tips :

Our Dulse flakes can be used like Fine Herbs. They are perfect with salads or soups.

Packaging: bag

Net Weight: 100g <xml></xml>

Salade de la Mer®, Flakes

Our Salade de la Mer® is a mixture with fine flakes of Dulse, Laitue de Mer and Nori. We chose to associate these 3 ingredients because of their flavor and color complementarities.

These multicolor flakes will light up your dishes!

Cooking tips:

These flakes of Salade de la Mer will color your recipes. Your guests will be surprised!

Packaging : bag

Net Weight: 50g 

Nori, Flakes

Your dishes will be enhanced by « Nori, Flakes ». The soft and smoked flavor will seduce finest gourmets.

Cooking tips :

Added to your soups or salads it is excellent!

Packaging: bag

Net Weight : 100g

Sel Gourmet with Dulse

« Sel Gourmet with Dulse » powderer is a condiment with iodine taste and light oyster flavor.

Cooking tips:

The “Sel Gourmet with Dulse” replaces ideally table salt and can be used in most of recipes.

Packaging: Powderer

Net Weight: 50g

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Court Bouillon de la Mer

The Court Bouillon de la Mer is a subtle mixture of algae (Dulse and Haricot de Mer®) and condiments. Used in your cooking water, it gives marine touch to your recipes.

Cooking tips:

This exceptional mixture can be used in your cooking water, for your fishes, meats and vegetables.

Packaging : Powderer

Net Weight: 120g<xml></xml>

Salade de La Mer® Gourmet

Our recipe of Salade de la Mer® is composed of Dulse, Laitue de Mer and Nori. This mixture is optimized to release every flavor and color (red, green, purple) of these three seaweed.

Cooking tips :

Salade de la Mer® surprises palates with an exceptional mix of flavor. We incorporate it with delight in soups, salads, omelets, sauces… or we sprinkle it on meats, fishes like Fine Herbs.

Packaging : Powderer

Net Weight : 50g

Nori Gourmet

Its black flakes with purple highlights give an original color to your dishes. The flavor is woody and finely iodine.

Cooking tips:

Nori Gourmet is advised to season your fishes, vegetables, omelets, soups … it can also decorate the cold meals and the raw vegetables or the salads.

Packaging: Powderer

Net Weight: 50g<xml></xml>

Moutarde Douce de La Mer

This Mustard is an association between land product, mustard and sea product, Haricot de Mer®. This sweet recipe has a refined flavor with iodine taste of the seaweed.

Cooking tip:

Smooth, the Moutarde Douce de la Mer modernises your meats and fishes. Used in your vinaigrette and mayonnaise homemade, it will be a delight!

Packaging : Jar

Net Weight : 200g