Organic seaweed leaves can bring softness and originality to your vegetables recipes. Very simple to use, these tender leaves are perfect for a first seaweed degustation.Your body will appreciate this cocktail of marine nutrients.

To serve with meats or fishes.

Haricot de Mer® Bio in jar

Thanks to their texture and iodine flavor, the “Haricot de Mer® Bio” brings originality to your recipes.

 “Haricot de Mer® Bio” is ideal with meats or fishes and will surprise your guests!

Cooking tips:

Run “Haricot de Mer Bio” under the warm water and drain them. Fry them with a piece of butter to accompany fishes and meats.

You can also taste them in salad.


Packaging: aseptic canned jar

Net Weight: 200 g

Haricot de Mer®, Leaves

« Haricot de Mer®, leaves » brings marine flavour and originality to your dishes. Its crispness is perfect with your meats or fishes.

Cooking tips:

After a fast soaking and a cooking (10 minutes on the water, steam cooking…) these “Haricot de Mer®” leaves can be served with meat or fish.

Packaging: bag

Net weight: 100 g

Wakame, Leaves

« Wakame, Leaves » brings iodine flavour to your dishes.

With bright colours and delicate flavours, “Wakame, Leaves” adds a touch of greed to your recipes.

Cooking tips:

You can taste our seaweed raw or cooked, with a large variety of dishes (salad, fishes, meats, raw vegetables, shells…)

Packaging: bag

Net Weight: 50 g

Nori, Leaves

« Nori, Leaves » brings originality and greed to your recipes thanks to its sweet and smoked flavor, slightly iodine.

Cooking tips:

Once cooked, Nori can be served with your meats and fishes. Idea: taste it on a baked potato.

Packaging: bag

Net weight: 50 g

Dulse, Leaves

Our « Dulse, leaves » provides a light oyster flavour, wich goes well with your hot or cold recipes!

Cooking tips:

It can be eaten raw, in salad or with raw-vegetables. Cooked, it takes a stronger taste and can be used to perfume your fishes, meats or omelette.

Packaging: bag

Net weight: 50 g

Laitue de Mer, leaves

« Laitue de Mer, Leaves » brings to your dishes a marine connotation with a sorrel flavour.

Simple to use, this product goes well with your fishes and meat.

Cooking tips:

Raw, it is perfect to accompany you dishes like salad made home

Cooked, it develops a delicious spinach-like flavour.

Packaging: bag

Net weight : 30 g