About our seaweeds

Les Algues Gastronomes® are elaborated in Brittany. Our seaweeds are mainly harvested off the North coast of Brittany, within the heart of Europe's largest algae field with more than 800 different species.

Two phenomena combine to create an exceptional environment:

  • 3 km wide-tides reveal an extensive rocky shoreline. This area is seaweed's favourite habitat.
  • The rhythm of two currents at the mouth of the Channel:
    • Cold waters from the North Sea,
    • Warm current from the Atlantic (Gulf Stream).

The "Goëmoniers" (seaweed collectors) harvest these marine vegetables by hand or by boat, a true know-how handed down from generation to generation.

The seaweed is cut about 10 centimetres from the sucker so that the plant can regenerate. When the seaweed is harvested depends on the growth cycle of individual species. It is only harvested from waters deemed to be of "A" quality. Our harvesting practices are environmentally friendly and preserve the biodiversity of the area.

The main harvesting and processing site is the first to be classed as an "outstanding natural space" in Britanny and "Natura 2000" which aims to preserve biodiversity and develop the natural heritage of European territories.