Seaweeds have been part of our diet since very ancient times.

Seaweeds were very much appreciated in antiquity by the peoples of the Far East where the Buddhist culture recommended a dieet rich in seaweeds. Ten thousand years ago, they were already an integral part of Japanese culinary culture. Kombu, a good-luck token, was offered as a gift by Japanese delegates to the Chines court.

Seaweeds also served as offerings in ancients religious rituals performed by the Japanese. These rituals ensured them abundant harvests and protected their food ressources.

Seaweeds, the ideal answer for the desire to eat natural products and the increasing popularity of Asian food, are being increasingly consumed!

Red, brown, green, in flakes or as fronds, seaweeds are both condiments and vegetables. Their diversity of colors, aromas and flavors make them enjoyable by all. They are rich in minerals, fibers and proteins, and are the ideal ingredients for all dishes. They have so many benefits: seaweeds are a real coktail of nutrients essential for your body.