Algues Gastronomes®  products are 100% natural. Setalg targets total customer satisfaction while implementing a continuous improvement policy. Permanent quality controls are in place at every production stage.  

Through these HACCP & AMDEC studies implemented on its production process, Setalg guarantees total conformity on its products.  

Setalg is also registered with the American FDA (Food & Drugs Administration).  

Setalg has set up a regulation watch on all of its markets and meets French & International legislations in order to guarantee total safety & traceability. 

  • Guaranteed traceability: Each batch is numbered as soon as it is harvested so that it always remains identifiable as far as the final consumer. 
  • Guaranteed conformity: A thorough quality control system operates throughout our production chain to guarantee that our products comply with specifications. 
  • Respect for the environment: The quality charter that our harvesters have to comply with, guarantees that they use non-polluting harvesting gear, ensuring that the flora and fauna are protected.